We analyze the customer briefing, its history and its desires, creating the DNA of the product, we apply our design vision suitable for the markets to which the product will be destined. We develop a design that respects the functionality of the product according to future market trends, creating a new level of innovation.


We start from a technical package provided by the customer and we make the first proposals through realistic photo renderings that can faithfully convey the image of the finished product with the materials and surface finishes. These renderings respect the constraints assigned, guaranteeing the realization feasibility already from the first proposals presented.
We present to the client a vast number of proposals that follow different design directions.
The proposals are made following the instructions of Marco Bonetto, who has the supervision of the design, what is presented to the customer is always carefully evaluated by Bonetto himself who also follows the whole part of refinements and changes.


At the end of the 2D phase and the related refinements, the design solution is “frozen” and we begin the development of surface 3D mathematics where, together with the technical part, we take care of every aspect of decomposition, printability and everything related to the product feasibility. The software we use allows us to dialogue with technical planning software and at the same time offer us the possibility of being able to show the most finished product by assigning the materials. Sometimes these maths are then used to mill the pieces or make the style model.


In our services we offer the possibility to realize the style model through the use of our consolidated partners according to customer needs. We start from a volumetric model in polystyrene up to models in different materials or milled and painted. The model can include lighting or some features making it a real prototype to be presented at trade shows and official presentations.


Through our partners we are able to develop the feasibility and the ngegnerizzazione of the product to offer the realization of a turnkey project. We have different types of partners that allow us to develop projects of simple products up to complex projects


Marco Bonetto develops product design strategies offering customers a wide international knowledge of the markets and future trends that ensures an effective design of product families that stand out from the points of sale and adapt to consumer demands.

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