Bonetto Design was founded in 1958 with Rodolfo Bonetto, one of the great masters of Italian design, self-taught, who boasts an intense project activity. Rodolfo Bonetto has designed hundreds of products in countless sectors of industrial production always placing at the center of the project the innovation of the shape respecting the end user.

The debut with the first car sketches for the Carrozzieri of the ’50s Viotti, Vignale, Boneschi and others, were the springboard to a profession little known in those years, then the collaborations with Veglia Borletti and then Olivetti brought Bonetto to successfully undertake the profession of industrial designer.

Self-taught, Rodolfo Bonetto has made an essential contribution to the teaching of Industrial Design, moreover, he has distinguished himself in the promotion and diffusion of the Italian design culture through teaching at ISIA in Rome and at the Hochschule fur Gestaltung in Ulm. He held the prestigious positions of President ADI (Industrial Design Association) and ICSID (International Council of Societies of Industrial Design). Eight Gold Compasses were awarded to him, the last of which to his professional career

Numerous products designed by him, in many production sectors.

“Design is like a butterfly in your hands, Rodolfo often used to say, if you hold it too tight, if you let it go fly away”.

On 1984, Rodolfo Bonetto began to teach the “trade” to his son Marco, who soon joined him as an assistant and in 1991 he took over the management after his father died.

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