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Italian design, characterized by product innovation and historical trends of thought, has offered us solutions and products that have been characterizing in international markets up to the 1990s.
This innovation or “genius” arose from an investment by manufacturers in the field of research where the designer found a sort of free field to express his concepts and his project, together with this there was also the strength to dare and a generation of entrepreneurs who were willing to risk. The result was always, or almost always, products that lasted for a long time on the markets, products that became icons, products that were perfect for the user’s needs.

Today there is a great criticality in Italian design, namely the fact that it was not thought to “breed” the new generations so that they could continue the work of the great masters of Italian design, the result is seen in a huge production of objects that express an absolute banality and often with a design content of dubious fashion taste.
Young people are the only reliable resources for our design if we want Italian design to continue in the coming decades to maintain world leadership that is undermined by many countries in the world. My teaching experience, however, also leads me to say that not all faults are institutions and schools, but are also imputable to generations who do not have the desire to “do”, who do not dream, who do not want to strive to reach the excellence, something that many other young people in the world are showing widely.

The design is first of all in the prorpio Dna, you have to have the vocation and not least you have to sweat a lot before getting merit and unfortunately the majority of design students do not have, they think that design is a funny subject, they think the first idea is absolutely the best, do not observe what surrounds them and above all do not want to sweat on the project, except in some rare examples. Design is nice because you go to magazines, the design world is full of events that you can participate in, but the reality is that design first of all is themselves and their abilities.
Think young people you have an extraordinary opportunity do not throw it in the wind!