The balance of the surfaces and their trend generate the beauty of the forms, but it is also true that the perception of product quality is determined by the set of details and not by the general form.
Faced with this statement, it can be understood that designing is not as simple as many may think, the designer’s mind reasons by assimilating a multitude of information regarding the birth of the product / project, the production constraints, the technical and technological constraints, the the electronics to contain, the ergonomics of the product, the marketing briefing, the user’s wishes, the market scenarios, the countries where it will be sold and much more that apparently often make an impossible mission the realization of the project, yet they are the best conditions for a designer because he wants more his creativity, Rodolfo Bonetto said ” more constraints you give me and more I will be creative”.
The mind strives to find new solutions according to the limits, an effort that is often immense but very often creates that unexpected and brilliant innovation, certainly thanks to a technology that allows us to constantly improve the man – machine relationship and to reduce the encumbrances in favor of the beauty of the forms.
To this must be added the “poetic” side, ie a product can not attract the consumer if it does not transmit a story, a story, for this reason during the briefing by the designer it is necessary to build a specific DNA also taking into account of the client’s history. This DNA will also be useful for recognizing the same product at the point of sale, intriguing and attracting the consumer.

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